29 May 2020



Quality English and American made liners in 20 or 30 thou thickness. Large variety of patterns available, from plain to mosaic.A pool by Principools

We can either supply and fit, which includes every aspect of liner replacement or...

We can supply only, you give us your pool dimensions and choice of liner and we'll have it delivered to your door.

Which option you choose will depend on your budget ,but you can be assured of quality either way.


We can advise you on the best form of heating for your pool suited to your individual needs and budget.

Whether its an oil boiler or eco friendly solar,any form of heating can be supplied and fitted.


A filtration system.We can supply all types of the following equipment;

PUMPS - These circulate the pool water through the filter.

FILTERS - These remove the unwanted dirt and particles from your pool water leaving it crystal clear. All types of filter media available, from sand to zeolite.

PIPEWORK - From elbows to ball valves, we can supply and/ or fit.

CHEMICAL DOSING EQUIPMENT - These units can be added to your filtration set up to automatically dose your pool with the required amount of chemicals.


Swim all year round with a fixed enclosure, or extend the season with a telescopic enclosure, outdoor summer, indoor winter.

All enclosures are custom built to suit you and your budget.

With our fixed enclosure, both sides down the length open up to give the feeling of being completely out doors, and with lockable doors on each end pool security comes as standard.

Please 'Contact Us' to talk about your needs.